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Important Features of Global Poker

May 24th, 2020|

Global Poker is an online poker game that lets players from different countries to play poker at the same table. However, the game is somewhat different from regular poker, as it is created with poker players from around the world in mind. Global Poker offers a variety of special features to help players get better at the game and to improve their chances of winning more money. Global Poker was first launched in September 2020. It gained much popularity due to its ease of play and the possibility of winning big. Some of the features are discussed below. Players from many countries are allowed to register. In fact, the minimum time required to register is ten minutes. After registration, players can choose any of the available chips in the game and start playing. Players from all over the world can get a high bonus. The bonus can vary depending on the level of skill. The bonuses range from five to 30 percent of the stakes. For players who choose to play cash games, the bonus is usually up to fifty percent of the initial [...]

Why Most People Don’t Play Real Money Poker

May 24th, 2020|

Why Most People Don't Play Real Money PokerOne of the biggest problems with online poker is that most people don't understand how to play real money poker. They might be able to win on their favorite table, but it's not because they know how to play real money poker. Most people who play poker in most venues aren't playing real money poker. And if you're not playing for real money poker, you probably aren't even playing the game. A common mistake for new players is that they get into the first pot and assume that if they continue to roll high cards that they will increase their bankroll exponentially. Unfortunately, they do just the opposite and are right back where they started. It takes more than luck to win at real money poker. You need to know the exact hands that your opponents are likely to have to win. Without knowing what you should be betting in certain situations, you won't have any success winning. The reason why you should consider poker odds before you play a hand is because it will help you [...]