The Global Poker Index, also known as GPI, is an online leaderboard poker ranking index which ranks over 45,000 top live tournament poker players from all around the world. The GPI poker ratings are calculated every week. Each player’s rankings are based on their final placing positions in live tournament poker games occurring over a period of six months. Players have to be registered and pay a fee to play the tournaments. There are two kinds of rankings, one that rewards the best players and another which award the top performers in each time period.

Poker players who have signed up with this service are expected to maintain a certain level of playing skill in order to make it to the top of the GPI. The players are not allowed to register with any site until they become a member of this leaderboard poker rating service. This also means that if you want to play in a tournament or another tournament, it requires that you be a paid member for this service. All tournament events are scheduled by the World Wide Web site. There are over fifty different poker games being played at any given time. In fact, the site is expanding each day with new games and sites.

The site is supported by a network of international and regional tournament organizers. They conduct the live poker tournaments as scheduled on the site. All games are scheduled for a week at a time, so players can participate in tournaments and other online games from wherever they choose. There are thousands of tournaments taking place on a regular basis. The players can choose to participate in these tournaments either as a player or as a spectator. There are certain limits on the number of players that a player can invite to a tournament.

You have the option to play as a player in as many tournaments as you like, or you can sit through all of the matches in one tournament and come back another day to play another. There are no set tournament times. Some tournaments last for a month while others last only for a few days.

Tournaments are usually divided into three sections, the Main Tournament, the Super High Stakes Tournament, the High Stakes Ladder Tournament, and the Ladder Tournament. These categories are determined based on the money wagered amount. Players in each category compete for cash prize payments. The cash prize amount can be anything, including trips, merchandise, gifts, free chips or discounted merchandise, money, free entry into a tournament, or even a trip to Las Vegas or to a live casino.

Players have the option of entering tournaments after only a single game, after participating in several tournaments, or after playing in several tournaments simultaneously. Some players may have to compete in several tournaments before they qualify for a cash prize.

Players have the option of making their own schedules, but are required to follow those set by the site. If you are registered with the site and stay on it, you will play the tournament schedule as it is posted on the site. If you do not like the site’s tournament schedule, you can register with another one and play according to its schedule.

Global Poker offers some additional services such as daily newsletters, instant updates of site news and special promotions, email notifications of tournament results, and access to live chat rooms and support. Some of the other benefits offered by the site are special bonuses such as free entry into the site, special tournament invitations, free tournament entry invitations, and free tournament entry.